In this series, Roy Lawson will go through the Book of James, chapter by chapter, helping us to discover how to handle difficult times, what God thinks of religion, and wisdom for the coming ages.

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Episode 1

Roy Lawson kicks off a new series on James with the topic “When bad things happen to good people.”

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Episode 2

Roy talks about the common excuse, “The devil made me do it,” and what James has to say about it.

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Episode 3

Roy shares about “What God Thinks of Religion.”

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Episode 4

Roy continues in Chapter 2 of James and talks about “The Triumph of Mercy.”

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Episode 5

Roy finishes Chapter 2 and talks through “Faith and Deeds.”

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Episode 6

Roy takes us through the first 12 verses of James chapter 3 and talks about “The Most Dangerous Member of the Body.”

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Episode 7

Roy finishes Chapter 3 and focuses on “Choosing Your Wisdom.”

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Episode 8

Roy begins chapter 4 where James talks about submission, and how life can be different if “God is the Head of Our Household.”

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Episode 9

Roy focuses on the second half of Chapter 4, and sheds light on our plan vs. God’s plan for our life.

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Episode 10

Roy dives into the first six verses of James chapter 5 with “Some Advice For Us Rich People.”

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Episode 11

Roy speaks James 5:7-12 and “Getting Ready For Judgment Day.”

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Episode 12

Roy finishes up this study on James with “God’s Prescription for Making Us Whole.”

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