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Baptism is a public declaration of your decision to follow Jesus. Here are some reasons to take this next step: 

1. Jesus was baptized and told us to keep baptizing others. Matthew 3:16 & Matthew 28:19-20 
2. You’ve decided to follow Jesus and want people to know. Baptism is going public with your faith.
3. Baptism is a powerful expression of what Jesus did for us.

Our old life is buried and gone and we now have a new, resurrected life in Jesus. If you’ve decided to be baptized, it’s time to celebrate! Invite your friends and family to celebrate with you.


Coming together for corporate worship is one of the core values of Northwest Christian Church. Worshipping the Lord through fellowship, singing, teaching, giving, and communion is a vital component of our spiritual growth. NCC encourages everyone to make regular attendance at one of our worship services a priority in their lives. NCC has four campuses: McMinnville, Newberg, Tigard, and Online. The Newberg and Online campuses have a service on Thursday Nights at 6:30pm in addition to Sunday mornings. All four campuses have services on Sunday mornings.


Living life with others by your side is one of the best ways to grow stronger in your faith and meet with like-minded people who are trying to tackle all that life throws their way. NCC has many different kinds of groups that help everyone find a place that meets their needs. We encourage everyone to join a Life Group, because it is the best way to get and stay connected at NCC. In addition to Life Groups, we also have Alpha Groups, Rooted Groups, Celebrate Recovery, Men’s Groups, and Women’s Groups. All groups are designed to help everyone take their next step with Jesus and grow in their faith.


Your spiritual journey will be full of growth from many different avenues. Whether it’s a message at a service, personal Bible reading, participating in a Prayer & Fasting emphasis, an answer to prayer or something someone shares in your Life Group, God uses multiple ways to draw you closer to Him. The discipline of creating regular time to read God’s Word, spend time in prayer with God, and understanding His love for you is critically important. It is also important to be reflective and recognize what you are learning and then share that with others. This badge provides you with the opportunity to regularly share what God is teaching you in your personal devotions with Him.


Tithing is a spiritual discipline. It is part of the recognition that I cannot, nor should I try to live life on my own, on my terms. It is understanding that everything we have is a gift from God. We are not the owners, we are simply the managers – managing what God has given to us to manage. When we learn this truth, it is much easier for us to give back to God a portion of what He has given to us. We live a life dependent on God. Jesus talked more about money than anything else. We want everyone to experience the freedom that comes through the spiritual discipline of tithing.


Learning to share your story of how God has worked in your life is a powerful exercise. It is not only a great way to encourage others as they hear about the faithfulness of God in your life, but it is also a tremendous blessing for Christ-followers to live a life that continually reflects on God’s blessing, answered prayer, and redemptive grace that He so freely shares with everyone who puts their faith in Jesus.


Serving in a ministry is finding an opportunity to serve inside the walls of NCC. This could be at a Sunday morning or Thursday night worship service, volunteering in Student Ministries, or working with children in QUEST kids. We believe in the idea of “attend one, serve one.” This means that you serve in as many weekend services as you attend. It takes everyone working together and serving to meet the needs of everyone attending. Jesus was the ultimate example of what it means to be a servant. It is an important next step in our relationship with Him.


Serving on mission is finding an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting and confused world. NCC has several ways that people can meet the needs of our communities. It may be in a our food pantry or Community Kitchen. It might be a short-term mission trip or giving rides to medical appointments. It could be volunteering for summer camp, helping buy food for students with weekend food insecurities, or helping with MyZone or TheZone after-school care programs. There are several ways for you to serve on mission.


Many people don’t see themselves as leaders. At NCC, however, we believe that God has shaped each of us to uniquely minister to others. Leadership is more about listening than giving answers. It’s more about relationships than Bible knowledge. Leadership is simply a willingness to show up, a willingness to invest in others and understand that we are called to serve others, not be served. Click the link below and let us know that you’re interested in leading!

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