Welcome to MyZone

We are so excited to welcome you to MyZone for the 2023-24  school year! MyZone is a FREE program.

What is MyZone?

A Youth Activity Center – Newberg Campus

MyZone is a community partnership, after-school program for middle school students. MyZone is hosted by Northwest Christian Church. This is the 9th year that MyZone has been operating. MyZone is open to all middle school students in the Newberg area regardless of where they attend school. Public, private and homeschool students are all welcome at MyZone.

When does MyZone happen?

Monday - Thursday | 3:30 to 5:00 PM

MyZone happens every Monday through Thursday from 3:30 to 5:00 PM and follows the Newberg School District Calendar. When Newberg schools are in school, MyZone is open. When Newberg schools do not have school, there is no MyZone. 

What Do Students Do at MyZone?

The reason it is called MyZone is because students are provided several options or “zones” for different activities. Students can play games like basketball, volleyball, and wall ball in the gym. They can learn how to cook, play music, and make art. Students can hang-out outside, toss a football or kick a soccer ball. And, there is always the option to relax, enjoy snacks or get help with homework. And then… there’s video games (X-box, PS4, Nintendo Switch), 9-square, foosball, gaga-ball, corn hole and lots of smiles and laughter.

Getting Signed Up

All students must have registered online via this form and have parent/guardian permission in order to attend MyZone. This permission slip is also required to ride the bus to and from MyZone. You can get a permission slip from the main office at MVMS or CVMS or from Northwest Christian Church.

Transportation Details

How does my student get to MyZone?

Chehalem Valley MS and Mountain View MS both have buses after school drop students off at Northwest Christian Church for MyZone. All students must have a signed parent/guardian permission to attend MyZone and to ride school provided transportation to MyZone and home from MyZone. Students may also walk, bike or get a ride to and from MyZone.

How does my student get home after MyZone?

Newberg School District has buses that pick students up at 5:00 pm and takes them home. For more details about transportation to and from MyZone, talk to your school office. Students may also walk, bike or get picked up from MyZone.

Safety and Guidelines

Not Allowed At MyZone
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Possession or use of any kind of drugs or alcohol
  • Fighting, bullying, or intimidation of any kind
  • Inappropriate physical contact (grabbing, slapping, touching, etc.)
  • Offensive language, hand gestures, or any other kind of obscene motions
  • Taking pictures of anyone at MyZone (with or without permission) NOTE: NCC Staff may take promotional photos of MyZone activities but will only use those photos with parent/guardian consent.
  • Inappropriate use of any technology, including personal cell phones and laptop computers. (students are encouraged to stay off cell phones while at MyZone)
MyZone – Safety and Conduct

MyZone follows all Code of Conduct rules at both Mountain View and Chehalem Valley Middle Schools. If a student receives discipline at school, they may not be allowed to attend MyZone. If a student is suspended from school, the student will not be allowed to attend MyZone until they are allowed to return to school.

Suspension or Removal

Students can be suspended or permanently removed from MyZone by the MyZone Director. Schools and parents will be notified when a student has been removed from MyZone for any length of time.

Parents may pick-up students any time during MyZone. However, once a student leaves MyZone, they are not allowed to return the same day.

Security Policy

For additional student safety, outside doors are locked and all visitors must check-in with MyZone staff prior to entering the program. The facility has separate bathrooms available for both the students and staff. Students are only allowed to use the bathroom one at a time.

MyZone 2022 En Español

Estamos emocionados de darte a TI la bienvenida a MyZone para el año escolar 2022!
MyZone Director: Jake Reed

Have More Questions?

Parents/Guardians who would like to speak to the MyZone Director to ask questions, get more information or set up a tour, may call Northwest Christian Church at 503-538-3104 or send an email inquiries to Jake Reed.

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