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Weekly Update 9/8/21

Wednesday Weekly Update 9.8.21

Hey Church—can you believe it–September! Fall is in the air. School is starting. And we’re still dealing with Covid and political and social unrest!

It’s why we’re starting a brand new series this week—REBOOT! Anybody need to reboot today. Wouldn’t it be great to have an opportunity to reboot no matter how bad things look, no matter how frozen you feel, no matter what’s going on, reboot and start over. This series was planned for coming out of Covid—let’s reboot. But we’re still dealing with covid. And we now need a reboot, more than ever, being in this thing for so long. Maybe your marriage is shambles, needs a reset. Job is stressful, kids are out of control, spiritual life dead. Let’s hit control alt delete and get a reboot. We believe God is able to give each of us a reboot!

It was good to be at Family Camp at Camp Winema.  Julie and I have been privileged to attend this camp for over 30 years. It’s always been a great way to end the summer, get ready for a new school year. It’s good to connect with families inside and outside our church! The last several years we’ve been having a potluck on Sunday Night before the session. A number of people come down after church and hang out at the beach share a meal and some good fellowship. This year we made some modifications because of Covid. Philip, Nick, Franklin, Forrest, and Debbie—helped make it a great success in the midst of challenges. Scott drove the bus down and picked up people from all campuses. And it was a great time! I was so encouraged being with everyone!

The one bittersweet aspect of this was saying goodbye to Roy Lawson. He has been such a blessing to NCC as part of our staff for the last couple of years. Alas—children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren—are a natural call on him and joy! So excited for him to spend this quality time with them.

It was fun to give him his “YODA” t-shirt and his Yoda cards of encouragement! Continue to pray for his transition! And ours.

All right—make sure you check our programs and website—fall means new groups starting, some other exciting initiatives being launched like Alpha and Celebrate Recovery—you will want to be a part of this as we move forward through these challenging times!

We will see you soon!

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