A message from Pastor David:

Wednesday Weekly Update 10.21.20


October is flying by! We’ve been resuming some of our fall ministries—modified of course. Appreciate the flexibility—and positive attitude—for the most part.

It looks like we will be inside for this coming Sunday—while it may be sunny—it will be rather brisk. And the cold is not good for some of our equipment.

We want to continue to be do our part to be safe—with Covid and now flu season will soon be upon us. Please do your part and be safe as well! Again, worship is currently modified. As is our children’s programming. As is our midweek activities.

And if you can’t join us in person—make sure you join our online campus—NCC Live! Go to our website, our YouTube channel or Facebook live!

We still want to provide safe alternatives the best we can. So while we can’t do our Fall Family Festival inside and all the other activities we typically have—which believe me—we’re disappointed about, all our campuses will be doing something. It’s just different because of Covid.  We’re having a Trunk or Treat in the parking lots. Cars will be spread out, decorated, we are collecting store bought, wrapped candy to give out that night—lots of candy needed! We will be handing it out, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the kids costumes, and having some good times.  So we want to give out lots of candy. We also are providing a safe place for children and families, giving them a break and some sense of normalcy! If you can bring some candy this week please drop it off at your campus!

Please make sure this week to invite someone to something you are a part of or one of our small groups. We have Grief Share, AA, CR, Memory Keepers, some other gender specific Bible studies, some seniors’ activities, student ministry is going full bore. We have the MyZone—middle school afterschool program. We have food distribution going on at each of our campuses.

NCC has not shut down. Our staff is working harder than ever. We are serving people inside and outside of the church—along this 99 corridor, and in Gates and Mill City, and Kenya, and Haiti!

We’re connecting, growing, and serving! We are doing a lot of it different than ever before, but we are still the Church! We are still the hands and feet of Jesus!

So make sure you’re engaged. If you’re not—give us a call or email—we need you! And we can do things in a variety of ways so everyone can participate.

As always if you need something, or if you know someone who needs something please do not hesitate to connect with us.

Remember we’re in this together!

See you soon!



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