If you’ve made a commitment to Christ, it’s time to take the next step and make your decision known. Baptism is the best way to express your faith and reflect your life change.


Newberg Campus:
Thursday, April 4 at 6:30pm
Sunday, April 7 at 9:00 and 10:30 am

Tigard and MAC Campuses:
Sunday, April 7 at 10:00 am

Are you ready to follow Jesus with all of your life? Then you’re ready for baptism!

At each of our services the weekend of April 7th, we are excited to baptize anyone who is ready to call Jesus their Lord and commit to live for Him. You don’t have to be perfect or have everything figured out.

Getting baptized is all about telling the world about your decision to follow Jesus. If you’ve decided to get baptized, make sure you invite your friends and family to celebrate with you!

If you want to get baptized, click the button below and let us know. One of our Campus Pastors will reach out to you with more details.

Baptism is one of the most important events in the life of a Christian.

Getting baptized is all about telling the world about the change that’s already happened inside of you. If you’ve decided to get baptized, it’s time to party! Make sure you invite your friends and family to celebrate with you.

Jesus was baptized and we follow His example

Jesus Was Baptized

Jesus was baptized and wants us to baptize others. In Matthew 3:16, we learn about the time when Jesus Himself was baptized in the Jordan river before He started His ministry on earth. If the Son of God pursued His own baptism, so should we.

Letting people know you're ready to follow Jesus

Letting People Know

Making the decision to become a follower of Christ is the best decision you’ll ever make. When you make a life-changing decision like this, you want to tell everyone about the new hope you’ve found in Jesus! You want to let people know you believe God is real.

Baptism is a powerful symbol of what Jesus did

The Symbol of Baptism

When we’re baptized, we’re reminded of what Jesus did for us. When we go down into the water, we’re reminded of Jesus’ death on the cross and His payment for our sins. But when we come out of the water, we’re reminded that three days later, Jesus rose from the dead! As followers of Jesus we too can have forgiveness and the promise of the resurrection and eternal life with Christ..
Would you like to talk to someone about being baptized?
Have you made a commitment to follow Jesus?

Remember: Getting baptized is important, but not because it saves you. The grace of God through faith in Jesus is what saves you.

If you want to know what it means to follow Jesus, you can check out our "Follow Jesus" page.

Common Questions About Baptizm

Shorts and a dark t-shirt are the best attire if you are planning to be baptized. This does not mean you can not be baptized if you do not have the right clothing. We will provide you with an “All In” shirt any time you are ready, so you can come forward on a baptism weekend and make the decision to share your life change.

If you are planning ahead, it helps to bring a change of clothes and towel, but do not let that stop you if you feel the Holy Spirit moving you to make the decision.

Baptisms are held in the front of the room near the stage at each campus. When we have someone wanting to be baptized, we prepare the tank before the service. You can tell any member of staff that you want to join on an scheduled baptism Sunday and you will be directed to the place to change and prepare. If you are planning ahead to get baptized, you can message us to schedule your own celebration.  We encourage you to invite family and friends to watch and embrace you in your new journey.

Baptisms are usually performed at the end of any service. The announcement is made from the front and then you will be invited to come out and declare your desire to follow Jesus. (And yes, if you want your supporters near by, they are welcome to come to the front and take pictures or video.) 

We invite you to have the person who led you to Christ or someone who encouraged you along the way to baptize you. Or if you would prefer, one of the NCC pastors would be happy to assist with the baptism.

Attending a class is not required to be baptized, however, it is recommended prior to baptism. Our Connect Class will give you a sneak peek into the basic beliefs and practices of NCC and equip you with the essentials of the Christian faith. This class is geared for adults, Jr High and High School students. Find the next Starting Point Class.

For children wanting to be baptized, we will invite you to speak with one of our youth pastors before getting baptized. If a child under the age of 8 is interested in being baptized, we suggest that he or she meet with a pastor and their parents/guardian prior being baptized to be sure the child fully understands the decision being made.

Family Dedication is a wonderful celebration publicly expressing your lifelong commitment to raise Christ centered difference makers. For more information and to register for Family/Baby Dedication, you can visit our dedication page. (This is different than a water baptism expression of faith. We believe that water baptism is a decision made by each individual when they are old enough to understand their decision to follow Christ.)

Once you’ve made the decision to follow Christ and be baptized, we would love to connect with you and  walk you through what it means to live a life of following Christ. Please speak to one of our campus pastors to find out more about how to continue your journey in following Christ. 

Are you ready to be Baptized?

We are so excited to celebrate with you as you take this next step in your walk with Jesus and go public for Him! For those who are a part of our NCC community looking to get baptized, complete the form below and a pastor will reach out to help facilitate your baptism.

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