Sometimes we go through rough times and we just don’t feel like pretending everything is okay. During this series, Roy will help us discover the reasons we might struggle with having joy and ways we can discover our smile again.

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Episode 1

Roy Lawson begins this study talking about one of the biggest reasons — when fear takes over.

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Episode 2

Roy talks about how we can find joy even when life’s not fair.

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Episode 3

Roy brings to light how important it is to live in the present and do what God asks of us.

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Episode 4

Roy talks about how to find joy in the midst of depression.

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Episode 5

Roy discusses an important topic: “What really matters in the end?”

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Episode 6

Roy talks about failure and encourages us not to quit.

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Episode 7

Roy talks about some reasons we doubt and what we learn about doubt and faith in 2 Timothy.

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Episode 8

Roy focuses on Matthew 7:1-3 and John 15:18-26 as he looks at reasons someone might not be liked, and you might be surprised at the answers.

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Episode 9

What can you do when you are lonely? Roy shares some things that are helpful and reminds us that Jesus is our Friend.

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Episode 10

It’s hard to stay positive when things go wrong. Roy leads us through seeing the positive side of trials.

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Episode 11

Roy takes a look at our personal challenges and Paul’s wisdom as he teaches how God can use them for His glory.

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Episode 12

Roy finishes this teaching series talking about temptation and how we can overcome it through the power of Christ.

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